Lammas Newsletter, April 2008

Lammas AGM

The AGM will take place at 1 pm,
Saturday 21st June 2008 at Pont y gafel


Cassandra Lishman
(Plot 8, Lammas)

I live here in Pembrokeshire, one of the most beautiful places on earth. All my life I have felt an inner connection to the natural world. Now even more than ever I am drawn to spend more time in nature, to play with my children outside, take walks, and talk to trees. My work also embodies this inner desire.
I work with willow, the most sustainable and rejuvenating tree that exists. I make beautiful sculptures and play structures. I do this work with children in schools, helping them get their hands muddy & connecting them back to our original mother, the earth. I love this work, I love how the children respond – with enthusiasm and a joy for the most basic ‘toys’ they are offered; earth, water, wood, fresh air.
I also work with wool, making felted creatures cushions and other crafts. Wool is such a lovely material to work with, particularly organic wool dyed by hand using natural dyes. So gentle on the eye, and soft to the touch.
I am not normally a patient person, however being part of Lammas has made me so. I look forward with calm anticipation to approval of the planning permission we await. I look forward to being able to grow my own willow and raise my own sheep, dying the wool using my own herbs.
Lammas is a dream being born. This is the way of life I need for my inner self, and the way that we all need for our future and for our children. Despite all the troubles of the world, many of us are feeling and focussing upon the overwhelming need for light living. We recognise the need for Lammas as a pioneering project taking planning law into the 21st century.
My last few days have been very busy collecting letters of support to send to planning. The selfless actions of people willing to write positive letters of support is wonderful and it fills me with hope.
I have been patient; I will continue to be patient. Because I know Lammas will be reality very soon.

Pembrokeshire Lammas Talk

Lammas will be giving a slideshow talk at the SPAN arts centre in Narberth at 7.45pm on Tuesday 22nd April as part of the Friends of the Earth Pembrokeshire AGM. The new site model will be there, and there will be a discussion on sustainable development afterwards

Newsletter Contributions

Contributions to this newsletter are most welcome. Please contact Paul:

Lammas News

Design Commission for Wales

Lammas took its proposal to a Welsh Assembly appointed commission recently to get their assessment of the project. Our Planning Officer (David Popplewell) also attended. The design review panel were all very supportive of the project describing it as “inspirational”. The Design Commission will write a report which act as a material consideration for the planners.

Site Model

The Lammas site model is now finished. Kit Owen (prospective resident) spent 4 months making the model largely using recycled and reclaimed materials.

Letters of Support

A big thankyou to all those who have sent letters and e-mails of support. We have just been advised that the planning department will still consider letters (and e-mails) of support received after the statutory deadline, up until 3rd June.

Remember to include your name and address on all correspondence.

Please write to:
Planning Department
Pembrokeshire County Council
1B County Hall
SA61 1TP

Or e-mail:

Please include the following planning reference in your correspondance:

Planning application resubmission by Lammas Low Impact Initiatives Ltd for a settlement of nine eco-smallholdings at Pont y Gafel, Glandwr, Pembrokeshire.

And simply indicate your support for the project.


Seeking Professional Assistance

Lammas is aspiring to create exemplary models of low-impact housing. As a part of this we think the 6 self-build house designs (and some outbuilding designs) would really benefit from some professional input. In order to facilitate this, Lammas is establishing a resource list for residents so that they can access professional advice/ assistance for the detailed design of their houses/ outbuildings.
In particular we are keen to explore spatial arrangements, environmental performance, construction detailing, structural analysis, quantity surveying etc.
If you have any of these skills (or others you think may be helpful at this design stage) and would consider offering advice or assistance (on either a charitable or paid basis), then please contact Paul:
01792 232220

Thank you very much

Low-Impact Library

Climate Code Red:
The Case for a Sustainability Emergency

Friends of the Earth Australia published this report on climate change in February. It is an excellent and up to date overview of climate science and a call for emergency action at the political level.

Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen was awarded press action person of the year in 2006 for the books Endgame vol 1&2. He takes an uncomromising look at the state of our world and calls upon individuals to take radical action.

You can hear snippets of his thoughts in a series of youtube videos or listen to this longer lecture in audio only.


Investor spotlight: Andy Hill

“I've just been talking to one of the local shepherds. He wanted to know if we like sheep’s cheese, and because we do, he has promised to bring us two big cheeses next week, in exchange for us letting him graze his animals on our lower terraces. Standing there, in the sun, the sound of the sheep bells jingling I couldn't help but think "what a fantastic life we live".

“We are lucky enough to live on a 2 hectare organic smallholding, with south-facing terraces, and a stunning view of two mountain ranges – the Serra de Estrela and Serra de Açor - in central Portugal. We grow much of our own veg, have 400 vines, 60 olive trees, chickens, geese, and ducks in a pond fed by a natural spring. Our water comes from our own well. We are 5 minutes from a thriving village, 10 minutes from a small market town, 40 minutes from the historic university city of Coimbra and 2 hours from Porto.

“We've been working this farm now for two and a half years, learning as we go. It sure has been a steep learning curve - I'd never done building, farming, wine-making, vine pruning, olive harvesting or had animals until we came here. And let’s not forget learning a whole new language to be able to interact with the locals. We seem to be getting there with Portuguese, it is so nice to be able to chat with the locals, and actually understand what they are saying.

“I think its ridiculous that the UK is still seeing this kind of project as 'alternative' and pioneering, when very soon everyone is going to have to start thinking about oil, food, water etc.... 'Interesting times' ahead methinks.”

Andy and Sophie work for catalyst collective ltd in the uk, helping people set up co-ops:

….and also run a workers cooperative which organises green holidays and properties in Central Portugal:

They recently invested some of the profits from their endeavours in Lammas shares.